Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yummy Alligator!

On our trip we went to some of my favorite restaurants that they do not have out here in Utah.  We got to eat at Cheddars, Friendly's, and Rita's.  Since we were in Florida the one thing that we really wanted to try was Alligator!  Skipper's was the one of the coolest places to eat.  We had alligator ribs, hush puppies, calamari, fried shrimp, and french fries.

The outside of the building...

Everyone hanging out and eating...

The Cruise

So I am mad at my self that I did not take many pictures.  I have none of our cabin, the food, or the shows. I really am bad at taking pictures.  However, we had a wonderful time together and managed to get burnt 3 times on our vacation.

On our way to the port!

We went on Norwegian Sky.  After looking at some of the other boats, we realized that we got jipped. But it was still so fun to be on a cruise. Here is me standing next to the boat. 

So on our cruise we stopped at 3 different islands.  The first Island that we stopped at we didn't really do anything. It cost A LOT just to leave the port area and you couldn't walk anywhere.  Plus I was sick and not really in the mood to walk in the heat.  So we hung out on the ship for the day.  The second place was a lot of fun.  I was feeling a little bit better  and we were able to walk to almost every where and the cab prices weren't as ridiculous as the first place.  

The third Island was the cruiseline's private island.  It was just a day on the beach.  So we took naps, went into the ocean, got extremely burnt, and had a barbecue.

Then of course we decided to watch the sun set on the ship as we are selling off.  


And of course Landon has to take a picture of some of the odd things he sees.  

Coral Castle

Landon and I both have a Things to do While Living List, one of Landon's is to go to Coral Castle.  It is in Homestead, Florida about 30 minutes away from Miami.  So this was one of our major stops in Florida.

We headed out from Miami to Homestead before we caught our cruise.  This castle is made out of all coral built by one man.  

Sunday, October 9, 2011


For our One Year Anniversary, I decided that we were going on a cruise and being the loving husband that Landon is, he took me on one.  We booked a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas porting out of Miami, Florida.  So we decided that we would leave a little earlier and stay a little longer so that we could go and hang out with Stephen, Becky, Katie, and Annie!

It was so much fun and thanks so much for letting us come and stay! (as usual, I did not take that many pictures)

Hanging out with Katie...

Farewell Jackie!!

I didn't take that many pictures, but it was so much fun to have a roommate reunion.  Jackie came out to visit everyone before she headed out to serve her mission in Florida!! Christine, Jason, and Lisa all came and stayed the whole weekend! We went bowling, made lots of yummy food, Frisbee, and just hung out like old times!!

She is going to be such a great missionary and can't wait for Disneyland 2013!!!

Our Own Triathlon

So we both have been really busy, having 2 jobs each so on a free Saturday for a long time we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and our new birthday presents. (this was back in June)

Part 1 - We started the day off on a Mountain bike ride.  I am not that great at it, but it was sure fun and a lot of hard work.

Part 2 - We got our gear and went rock climbing!

Part 3 - We finished it off with a nice hike to the waterfall.

It was a lot of fun and some good exercise!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Best Decision of My Life

I love my husband, Wynn Landon Costley, so much!  He is so wonderful.  I was looking across my pictures and came across this one...

Although that trip was not my most favorite at first, it was definitely the most memorable.  
Landon proposed on top of King's Peak the tallest mountain in Utah.  
I am so happy that he asked me and still happily in love with him and can't wait to grow old with him!